Saturday, September 20, 2008


We have an offer! It is much lower than we had hoped for but we are accepting it. We need to get to Tennessee! We are praying God will bless us on the other end with a low priced house to purchase that fits all our needs and maybe a few of our wants too. *smile*

We are happy about the offer but are keeping our hope in check until we pass some milestones. One is the inspection. The waiting period until the 2nd deposit is due & the assessment are two others. With our first house we had someone back out of the contract the day before the 2nd deposit was due b/c they found what they considered a better deal. So you can see why we are being cautiously optimistic.

Please keep praying for us as you feel led. Your prayers have meant the world to us & continue to lift us up.


Alison said...

Oh hun.. I know how badly you need this.. I hope this is it!

MOMMY said...

Oh I pray all works out!!!! Please keep us posted!! How is your little guy feeling?

Mama Teaching 2 said...

It will all work out just so. God has you guys right now. :) I am so happy to hear of the offer!