Friday, September 26, 2008

Mommy's Home!

Whenever I am away from my children for an extended amount of time I like to pick them up a little surprise. Sometimes it's a memento from where I've been and other times it's a little something that I know they'll like. This time during our visit to New Hampshire I picked up some things for the younger kids who had stayed behind at my Mom's house. I looked for mementos but didn't find any that fit the kids tastes or my budget. So instead I went to trusty Super Walmart. =) The kids were more than happy with their gifts and it was fun to see their surprise and smiles.

Bugs couldn't get the box open fast enough! He wanted that helicopter! Lol.

I think the whole neighborhood heard Elvis cheering when he received his Transformers DVD. And what a deal for Mama too at only $5!

For my Hannah Montana fan I couldn't resist buying her these buttons. She shrieked with delight just as I had hoped she would.

Sweet Pea helps Bugs get all the twisty ties off his new helicopter.

A happy boy!

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