Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Update & Weekend Preview

We are still in negotiations with the potential buyers. Things have grown a bit more complicated but we are hanging in there. We know that it is up to the buyers & up to God how things turn out. If these are not the people He has chosen we will still continue with our plans to move. Their decisions are not going to change our plans. We need to be together and though it will be a big challenge financially we are up to the challenge and will do what it takes to be reunited. Of course we are hoping for the best and that all will go smoothly and the house will be sold in the planned time frame.

In the meantime the kids & I are making preparations for the 2 birthdays we will be celebrating this weekend. Bugsy's birthday is this weekend and Boo's is next week. We will be celebrating both because Daddy will be home. Yay! We are planning some fun outings and fun things at home too. The forecast is for rain today, tomorrow & Sunday and that has changed our original plans a bit. We will still have fun we just have to be a little more creative. *wink* I am excited to celebrate and to take our minds off of the stress that has been hovering here the past few weeks. My stomach has been in knots over the house stuff & some outside relationship junk. It will be wonderful to relax, have fun and forget about all of this for a little while. Let's celebrate!

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