Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School, Last Day with Daddy

Today is a mixture of emotions. We are all excited to have our annual "First Day Back to School" with our treasure hunt, big breakfast & walk to school. It is also tradition to have Daddy here for the first day which is why we planned it for this visit. At the same time we are sad b/c Daddy has to go back to TN this afternoon. This time he will be gone longer than usual. It will be 3 weeks until we see him again and then it will only be our usual day and a half visit. I know this is going to be hard as the 2nd week always crawls so I can imagine how week 3 will be. Please keep us in prayer if you think of us.

In the meantime Dave is hiding the backpacks for the Treasure Hunt. To say that the kids are bouncing off the walls in excitement is an understatement. Lol. I'd better get back downstairs and see if they are ready & get my camera. Wouldn't want to miss a single precious moment!

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