Monday, September 29, 2008


It happened that the weekend we were up at Nana's her baby brother, his wife & her nephew and his girlfriend were planning on stopping in for an afternoon visit. This time with my relatives was greatly cherished. I was even more thrilled that Sweet Pea could be there too and meet these special people. With everyone scattered around the country & having so many in the family it is very important to me to grab hold of the times we do have.

We spent the afternoon in Nana's living room chatting, laughing & swapping stories. It was a time I will always remember. I hope Sweet Pea will too.

My Great Uncle Elliot
(Nana's "baby" brother")

My Great Aunt Peggy (Sweet Pea's Great GREAT Aunt!) & Nana

2nd Cousin John

We had quite a few laughs over this fish. My cousin Graham had sent it to Nana from China & it is supposed to tell you your personality & such based on the way the fish reacts. It was funny seeing if everyone's predictions of one another came true.

Aunt Peggy's Turn

Brother & Sister
I hadn't seen Uncle Elliot since I was in high school & I had forgotten how much he & Nana look alike! There is no doubt they are brother & sister. They even share the same sense of humor and many mannerisms. Cool to see with my own eyes & heart.

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