Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big, BIG Prayer Request

I'm reluctant to ask but I need all prayer warriors right now. I talked to our Realtor today & there is a couple who have already come to see the house twice. They want to come for a 3rd time this time bringing their parents with them. It looks like it is down to the wire. It's between us & one other house. The other house is 3bdrms., 2 full baths with 7 rooms total. They are about 300 sq. ft. smaller than us and their lot is a bit smaller too. It looks like the yard is a bit on a slope. Their house is 1890. The flip side is a lot of renovations have been done including the bathrooms redone (I think one was recently added), new appliances in the kitchen, a jet bathtub in the upstairs bathroom & new flooring in the kitchen. Our house is 4 bdrms., 2 full baths, no deck, a flat fenced in yard and renovations including a new roof. We were told at our closing it is 1940 but the listing via City Hall says 1900. A few months b/f we bought it the bathrooms & kitchen were completely renovated, new windows were put in the entire house and the walls were sheetrocked. We've done many things as well but I don't know if they compare in the minds of the buyers.

I know there is nothing else I can do but pray. I will be gone for the showing as I already had plans to go away. I will clean b/f I go and then mom will open up the house and touch up before they come. It's hard not being the one to be here & put my own touches on it before they arrive. But I know I can't cancel my plans & need to let go. Oh, it's not easy! PLEASE pray that they will choose us. We need this more than you know.


Alison said...

Big prayers coming your way hun!

MOMMY said...

Of course! We are praying this is it!!!!! Enjoy your trip no matter what!!!