Thursday, March 4, 2010

AWANA Games 2010

Every Wednesday night our 3 middle children attend AWANA. I think it's a wonderful program and even participated (and graduated) from it when I was a child. Last year Boo participated in the annual AWANA Games. This year Elvis joined the Sparks team and participated as well. The games were held in Nashville and many churches participated. The crowds were enthusiastic and the sportsmanship was edifying. Dave & I were a little nervous about Elvis as he is often the life of the party clowning around and entertaining. But he obeyed every rule and made us so proud. I guess my boy is growing up more than I thought. Boo did fantastic again this year showing her great sportsmanship, skills and teamwork.

Waiting for the competition to begin.

He was super excited and had been talking about it for days!

The first event! The Sparky Crawl!

Her cheeks turned rosy from the hot gym.

The Bean Bag Balance. He didn't drop it once!

Daddy watches from the sidelines.

This was like a group dodge ball. The team with the most people left in the center won. That was our team!

Ready for the "train".

They raced 3 other teams around the circle. You weren't allowed to let go at all.

Big sister cheers them on!

They won first place scoring 39 points!

He was off the wall proud! He kept saying, "I can't believe it!"

Now it was time for Boo's age division.

Go, Boo! Go!

The Balloon Relay

Last year they came in 1st but this year they struggled a little and placed 3rd. Boo was only in 3 events where last year she was in more than 1/2. I'm not sure why. But she had fun,excelled in her events & is looking forward to next year. So it's all good. =0)

Boo was happy & received a ribbon & a patch for her AWANA shirt.

They both made us VERY proud!
(P.S. Sorry for the jumbled pics. It did not look this way when I set it up. I tried to fix it but only made it worse so I put it back. )