Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Lapbook & Bugsy's Lapbook

Yesterday we started working on this lapbook from A Journey Through Learning. I'm adjusting it a little so we can use it from K to 8th. Not hard to do at all! The kids loved the first day and we left with them asking for more!

Here is the Table of Contents to show you what we will be learning about. If you want to see a few more sample pages go to their website and feel free to browse.

Bugs finishes up his phonics before we start the lapbook.

On to Ireland! =0)
First we found Ireland on a map. It took them awhile since it is so small.
We talked about Ireland's geography, it's capital, provinces & counties. Then it was to the table to record the information we had learned. They wrote down their info., cut & glued.
More to come as we work along!

Here are pics of a lapbook Bugsy made in co-op. He is very proud of it!

Each category had different animals. His teacher told me they had classified them together & Bugs knew every one & how to classify them!
The first flap.

This is the full view of the front of the lapbook.

The inside of the flap, "Mama's Pocketbook is..."

The inside of the flap, "Bible Verse".

He practiced tracing the letter 'L'.

And his colors.........

And numbers

3 green things
(These were behind the 1,2,3 flaps.)

Counting with different colored scoops of ice cream.

His preschool class is geared for kids his own age as well as younger children. Some of the skills here are things he has already mastered but that is okay. Review is never a bad thing and Bugs loved cutting, gluing & coloring. Cutting is definitely something he needs practice with. I'm so grateful to his teachers. The love they have for our preschoolers shines through & Bugs simply adores them.


Rhonda said...

It looks like they are having a wonderful time with the lapbook and Bugsy's lapbook is so cute! He did a great job.

Megan said...

This looks like so much fun. I have been meaning to ask you for advice as I plan my Kindergarten class for the fall. I am not very skilled at the "hands on, creative approach" to teaching. I desperately need ideas for websites where I can find math manipulative games, phonics activities, fun worksheets, ideas for Kindergarten keepsakes... I can't think of anyone who would know more about this than you. HELP, PLEASE?! :)