Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One More Time

Before we headed for home we went to see the last floors of the aquarium. I'm telling you that place is HUGE! We had gone to the museum in the middle of our trip because it closed first. We wanted to give Princess a break from the stroller too. The plan worked very well. Check Spelling

We thought this guy was cute.

The otter is one of our very favorite exhibits. The way he glides through the water makes me jealous. He is so playful & a delight to watch!

Holding Bugs up so he could watch Mr. Otter.

Another touch tank had Elvis in a tizzy. He thought these were great! His soaking wet sleeve was testimony to this as he reached in again & again to pet these guys. Lol!

Princess watches in fascination.

We always delight in watching the turtles too.
They had them in all shapes, sizes & patterns.

It's fun getting up close!


My little guys freezing their booties off as we traveled from one building to another.

I have to say it again. What a fabulously fun day!


Julia said...

What an awesome day. I loved all the pics :)

Heather the Mama Duk said...

Cool pictures!