Saturday, March 27, 2010

Uncle Donnie

More sad news tonight. My Uncle Donnie lost his brave fight with pancreatic cancer tonight. He fought for his life to the very end. we are all comforted by the knowledge that he is in Heaven. I know he is now completely healed & with Jesus. But he will be missed greatly.

My aunt emailed us. And my brother, Darin called. I could hear the grief in his voice. I'm glad I got to hug him earlier today.

I haven't seen him since I was a child. I didn't have the resources as a young adult to make the trip to visit him & he didn't like to travel. For me this makes the memories I do have of him all the more precious. He was always muscular & strong. I see him in my mind's eye smiling and joking with us. He took time to play with us and was our hero. Later on in life my cousins lovingly called him "Uncle Superman". There wasn't anything he couldn't do.

I can only imagine the loss my aunt is feeling. She lost the love of her life. And my cousins lost their hero.

Please, God hold them close tonight & every day that follows.
And to anyone that is reading this.....remember to hold those you love close. Hug them. Spend time with them. And make certain you tell them you love them. It's something you'll never regret doing.


Rhonda said...

I'm so sorry. Prayers are being sent to his family. ♥

Kristine said...

Rhonda, I know they can feel those prayers. You're such a sweetheart.

Megan said...


This is a beautiful tribute to your Uncle Donnie! It sounds as though he lived life to the fullest and left behind a unique legacy.

I'm sending you a big hug and continuing to pray that God comforts all of you.

Love you!