Tuesday, March 30, 2010


One thing I love about living down here are the consignment sales. Every spring & fall there are tons of them. The clothes are usually a step up from the usual garage sale fare with slightly higher or comparable prices. There are always the ones who price their items ridiculously high and I pass on those. Again this year we were blessed with finding a bunch of fabulous deals. I thought for the fun of it I'd share some of my deals with you. I like seeing what others find so if you find some deals please let me know.

The kids love browsing through the toy section. Bugs found this bag of cars for only 50 cents. He also got this book which we have read several times to his delight.

A new church shirt for Bugsy.

An outdoor toy for Elvis.

Jean shorts & a new shirt. This boy is growing like a weed!

2 pretty tops for Boo Bear

A nice shirt & dress pants.

Shorts for soccer practice!

Sweet Pea bought this for Princess.
She plans to give it to her for her b-day.

Elvis was over the moon when we found these!

Boo chose this book.

I bought these for Princess. $1.50 for all 3!

2 new movies ~ $1 each

Some books for school......

........and another for science.

A cute shorts & tank set for Princess.
She got lots of clothes since she doesn't have any at all for this summer.

3 tops for $1 & a cute pair of Capri's

Some cute shorts, overalls, Capri's & skirts.

Lots of cutie tops

My personal favorite......the dresses!

5 sweet rompers

An adorable yellow dress.
It's hard to tell in this light but the yellow is a creamy, sweet color.

Sweaters for those cool days or sleeveless dresses.

What a sweet jumper!

This dress was too big but I couldn't resist. It was only $3. I'm going to set it aside for next year. Look at those matching bloomers! ADORABLE!

3-piece set

Can't beat 50 cents for a little summer nightgown!

Princess takes a moment to model her new p.j.'s.

A few more.

Here is the cardigan for Princess' Easter outfit.
Note the Carter's label. =0)

I splurged and spent $5 on this Old Navy linen dress.
This will be Princess' Easter dress.

A little girl's outfit is not complete without a pretty bow for her hair.
(This I bought brand new.)

It's going to be such fun dressing her up in all her new-to-us clothes!
When we averaged everything out it came to under $2 per item. Not bad, eh? Many were brand names. I also made sure to buy different sizes for Princess. This way she should be pretty well set for the next several months. Maybe even until fall!

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Rhonda said...

Oh my goodness! You just got all kinds of goodies. I love a good yard sale. Those outfits for Princess are just precious.