Tuesday, March 30, 2010


One of the mothers in our homeschool group arranged for a local meteorologist from Nashville to come speak to our group. Bugs, Boo Bear, Elvis & I went to listen. Princess stayed home with Daddy & Sweet Pea had her tutorial classes.

Bugs colors as he listens.

Explaining her job.

Elvis listens as she answers his question. I was very proud of all 3.
Elvis, Bugs & Boo all asked very thoughtful questions.

A group picture wraps up our time.
We all learned a lot about both the weather & the job of a meteorologist. Our only disappointment was that she didn't give a shout out to us on the news that evening. Oh well! It was still a great learning experience and we really appreciate her taking the time to come and speak to our group. Thank you, Melissa for arranging this for us!

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