Sunday, August 2, 2009

Walgreens ~ Whoot! Whoot!

I got up early today to hit the Walgreens sale. I saved $110! I'm so stink'in excited! I love how my school supply closet is filling up. Sweet Pea said it's like a little store all on it's own. Lol! We have almost everything we need now and of course paid only a fraction of the regular prices. I am eager to get started on filling up the kids' backpacks for our annual "Back-to-School Treasure Hunt". But that will wait another week or two. I still need to go to the Dollar Tree anyway for a few special items for their backpacks. I do have a few but need a couple of things for the boys. Here are a few of the things I picked up at Walgreen's today:

19 cents
Legal Pads
10-pack pencils

29 cents
100 pack paper clips
6-pack Paper Mate highlighters
2-pack pink erasers
15-pack colored cap erasers
Flexible ruler (I like these b/c my kids can't break them as easily)

39 cents
70-pack colored index cards
100-pack ruled index cards

59 cents
8-pack mechanical pencils (My kids love these!)

I also picked up some clearance items for the girls. These will be some of the special items I put in their backpacks for the treasure hunt.

50 cents ~ Hannah Montana & Camp Rock folders

75 cents ~ Hannah Montana & Camp Rock notebooks
(I NEVER get these kinds of notebooks but I thought the girls would go wild and for this price. I did too. Lol!)

50 cents ~ Hannah Montana book cover
(Again, I never get these but figured it would be a fun treat.)

2/$1.00 ~ Mini-post its (S.P. needs these for her Tutorial classes this year & I thought they'd be great for my planning.)

A lot of these things I bought today Sweet Pea needs for her Tutorial classes. I am thrilled to have found them at such a bargain and all in one place!

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