Monday, August 3, 2009


As I mentioned in my "beach" posts it was Elvis' birthday earlier this month. With our busy schedule I haven't had time to post all his b-day pics. The beach/lake trip was the first part of his special day. Here is the rest!

Elvis was eager to open G&G M's present when it arrived in the mail.

A very happy boy!

After unwrapping one present he couldn't wait! He wanted to dig into his pile of gifts. Since it was his day we let him.

A Transformer book.
This one details the characters.

New Transformer!

Bugs is just as eager as Elvis.

Boo made him this sweet card.

A "thank you" hug for Daddy.

"Thank you" kisses for Sister.

More kisses.

Jackpot! MORE Transformers!

A new game to play.

Quite the line of gifts!

Boo made these for Elvis.
She made it clear that they could each only be used ONCE! LOL!

You didn't know we are really Transformers, did you?

His cake. He LOVED the decorations we used.
(I used candy decor from the party store & a plastic Transformer plate. I am thrilled I found the plate. It made the perfect decoration & he can (and has) used it over & over again!)

A very happy Birthday Boy.

He transformed again!

The whole family got in on the fun.

Love ya, Elvis! Happy 7th birthday my sweet son!

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Megan said...

What spectacular pictures!! Thank you for sharing his special day with us. I almost feel as though I had been there. :)