Thursday, August 20, 2009

Botanical Gardens

On Saturday we decided to go to the botanical gardens in Nashville. I found on their website that they are having a promotion until the end of August. Children are given free admission. It was another hot day so Dave once again filled up our water jug with ice water & brought cups. We enjoyed learning about the different plants and trees. They also had a program where you could sign out an Adventure Backpack. It was filled with a craft, crayons, markers, activity books, & a map. It guided the children through the gardens and gave them things to discuss & look for. Very neat!

My Kiddos

Talking about structure, shape & color

Ornamental Pepper Black Pearl

Beautiful View

Banana Tree & Two Monkeys

Cute Little Guy

Walking through the arbor

Some of the beautiful flowers


Crape Myrtle

Entering the Japanese Garden

The boys found lots of tiny acorns.

A peaceful place


Boo takes a moment to read her book.

Princess loves her piggy toes.

This was a neat little place to take a water break & work in their books.

An early reader?
Bugsy takes his turn carrying the backpack.

We walked to the far end of the gardens to look at the sculptures & found this pet cemetery.


We thought this slate looked really neat.

On the way back

We loved how smooth the bark was on this Crape Myrtle.

We spotted these teeny tiny pine cones.

Mommy & her blessings

It was so hot we wanted to jump right in!

Lilly Pads

These little critters were hiding underneath.

We walked for over 2 hours & saw lots of plants & trees. It was also neat learning about the different gardens, their purpose & their designs.


Crystal Arcand (3Stairs) said...

I just love Princess in that second picture - just hangin' out on Daddy's arm! Too cute!

Megan said...

These were really, really neat! I think I'll set up our next field trip there. :) Meet you for lunch?

Kristine said...

Crystal, I love that too. She fits there perfectly. =)
Megan, that would be such fun! When you move to TN we'll set a date! =0)