Saturday, August 15, 2009


With it being tough to make ends meet & Dave having a few vacation days left from taking time off during Princess's arrival we decided to nix the idea of a vacation this year. Actually we have not gone on a vacation for the past 4 years. However this year we didn't want to miss out completely so we decided on a Staycation. I know probably everyone has heard this new term but just in case you haven't I'll explain. A "Staycation" is where you stay at home instead of a hotel or such but you go & do things in your local area. We have been wanting to explore more of our new home state so this sounded perfect for us. Plus I do enjoy coming home to my lovely bed every night & familiar surroundings.

We have been having a blast so far. Today is Day #3 and we will soon be off again. This time to Nashville. I am looking forward to sharing our many photos & adventures with all of you. But for now I hear the van revving up which means it's time to embark on today's fun! See you later!

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