Saturday, August 8, 2009

School Planning

I've been very busy preparing for our upcoming school year. There's been lots to do. Writing lesson plans for 4 children & 4 different grade levels, printing off worksheets & fun things to do, planning possible field trips, making schedules & charts, setting up the ideas for workboxes & printing, coloring & cutting out file folder games. I'm planning on starting school with my middle 3 on August 17th. Sweet Pea is away visiting in MA & NH so she'll start on the 19th. The middle ones are very eager to begin.

I'm hoping with this start date and only a brief stop for Thanksgiving and 2 weeks off at Christmas we will end our year sometime in May. I have also allowed for a week's worth of missed days for whatever reason - illness, appointments, visitors, etc.

Ive been wondering...........when does everyone else plan to start? Are you going to school pretty much non-stop til spring or summer? When do you plan to take breaks? When do you see your school year wrapping up? I love hearing how others plan & carry out their years. Please chime in and share what you do!


Reecee said...

Hi Kristine!
We're starting officially Aug 31st, but my oldest will start a week before, on Aug 24th. I need the later start date this year, with the new baby. Actually, some of the children want to start now! I'm the one who's not ready. We're studying Frontiersman/Indians this semester and I plan to start sewing our buckskins this coming week. :) We'll take only 3 days off at Thanksgiving, with the olders still doing basic school most of those days. We'll take two weeks off at Christmas, plus one week Spring Break, and will finish up most of us in May. One of mine always finishes in April, but she is a goal focused girl. ;)

Have fun!

Megan said...

I really enjoyed looking at your school planning stuff! What a super job you've done. It's amazing that you've found time to do all of that research, printing, coloring, etc. with everything else going on. It inspired me to begin tackling my final preparations (which I have been DREADING). We start just after Labor Day and take 3 weeks off in the year (2 full weeks at Christmas and two half-weeks during Feb. and April. During our half weeks, we keep up with Readers but skip Math, Grammar, etc.). That way we don't lose momentum. Can't wait to hear about your back to school festivities! In the meantime, enjoy your staycation.