Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Staycation Day #4

For our last day of Staycation we went to the zoo. We have a membership there so all we had to pay for was gas & a drink. Nice! We had a great time roaming around observing all the animals. There were even some new ones added & others out and about that we hadn't seen before. (In case you are wondering why there are no pics of Sweet Pea in our Staycation posts it's b/c she was up north visiting Nana & my parents.)

This guy & his pals were squawking like crazy when we arrived.

There were 3 of these Siamangs. They were "talking" back & forth with the funniest noises. We could hear them when we pulled up in the parking lot! We watched them for quite awhile they were so entertaining.

More Animals

I could relate to this sign. Lol!

Trying to hide from the constant paparazzi.

Being Silly

I just had to join in! Lol!

The kids found that this sprayed a fine mist. They enjoyed it immensely as the day was very hot.

Next we went inside the "Unseen World" building.

Giant Cuban Anole

Collared Lizard

Tiger Salamander

He really enjoyed this display.

Love this pic!

I shall name him Eeyore.

Fish wearing a hat! How cool is that?

Isn't his tail amazing?


I love the brillant blue of his eyes.



Toothless smile

Prince Charming?

The bird show. Boo loved this as she is a huge bird lover.

See how red their little faces are?

She was such a good girl.

We're hoping to go back soon with our neighbors!

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