Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Staycation Day #1 ~ Discovery Center

Staycation Day #1, Part 2

After our exploration at the Cannonsburg Village we headed to our second destination of the day, The Discovery Center. Dave had packed us a picnic and they had tables outdoors where we could set up. They even had some tables in the shade which we were immensely thankful for.

Princess loves to chew on anything she can get her hands on.

Our Picnic Lunch

Princess plays with the chip bag. Lol.

Once we packed our picnic things up we headed inside to the Discovery Center.

First, a fire engine!

The kids climbed on board!

Poor Bugs. He put on this real fire helmet. It was so big & heavy he was all over trying to walk up the steps. It was funny to watch. But poor Bugs was done with the extremely heavy helmet.

They even had real firemen gear for the kids to wear. Here is Elvis getting decked out.

Our Clown

Cutie Pie

He looked so funny & cute!

New fall fashion? Yes?

Off to a fire!

Daddy teaches them how to change a tire.

This was the station they loved the most. It showed different ways water can be used to power, how it can be directed & some of it's uses. There is something about playing in water that is so much fun!

Even Dave couldn't resist getting in on the water fun!

Tuckered Out

Boo had been working hard trying to find a way to direct the water so the water wheel would spin. Her face shows her excitement at her success.

After getting quite wet we finally had the kids don the raincoats. Better late than never?

The boys favorite was watching the current float the boats "downstream".

Next was a whole new floor of fun stuff! Yes, there are two stories!

A crane to pick up weights. Bugs like operating this.

This mini-machine scooped up rocks. The boys loved this too.

Here you could listen to & interact with a Thomas the Tank Engine story.

This was quite cool. They are gears you can put together. The gears have large magnets on them & stick to this wall. I even made a giant line of gears myself!

Beep! Beep! Look out world!

Here Elvis is spinning the gears. Amazing how he only spins that one little gear and all the gears move at once.

This corner sported a mechanics garage. The kids looked so professional in their shirts. These clipboards had work orders on them. Boo & Elvis set to work filling them.

In amongst the learning lessons in the mechanics shop were time & money. There was a gas pump stating the prices of gas through the centuries. For time lessons each job stated how long it would take to perform. There was a Judy clock on the wall where the kids could figure out what time the customer could pick up their car based on the time it was dropped off & the job that was being performed.

Working Hard

Boo changing the license plate.

You go, girl!

Such a good baby!

Bugs just loved this car table. There was a train one as well.

Changing the muffler

Happy Girl
Love those sweet smiles.

She is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen.

After a trip down the giant slide which goes from one level to another the kids went to the art center. Since I am artistaclly challenged I was very happy to see this offered.

Right away Bugs' wanted to paint so we put a smock on him & off he went. He was thrilled as he got to use paints he hardly ever uses at home. Mommy was happy b/c there was no worry about paint on her furniture or carpet. =0)

Boo loves, loves, LOVES to draw.

Elvis painting.

Bugs drawing on the giant chalkboard.

Boo & Elvis joined the group making Japanese fish kites.

This little house was cute. Bugs made me a little pie to eat in his tiny kitchen.

Having fun while waiting for the others to finish their crafts.


Turtles are always fun to watch.

Playing in the fossil pit.

One final turn at the water station

Daddy & Bugs use connectors to change the direction of the water.

An Overview

Stacking Cups

What an amazing place! There were many more things on the 2nd story that I didn't even get to take pictures of. We plan to go to this place a lot! Hey, maybe a Saturday morning with Daddy while Mommy sleeps in?


MOMMY said...

What an amazing place!!!!! I want to go!!! I think your staycation is a great idea, I am so glad that you are having a great time!

Kristine said...

Come on down! We'll take ya'll there. I was really impressed at all they had. We got a membership and plan to visit often.