Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Tonight we went on a tour of the maternity ward. There was a nice sized group of people & we were able to bring all the kids. Boo & Elvis were especially excited to see where Baby will be born & Mama will be staying. We even got to see some newborns. Elvis was super excited then! He was amazed at how small they all were. He also asked the tour guide, "What do you do with the babies after you wrap them up all tight?" She had been telling us what they do with the newborns right after they are born. He was quite concerned that these precious little babies were being confined so tightly. Both the guide & I explained to him that the babies actually like being wrapped up as this is how they are in their mommy's tummies. You could see him visibly relax as the worry melted away. Precious.

The tour guide was very nice & Dave and I agreed that we feel more relaxed after taking the tour and seeing where we are all going to be & learning their policies. This is a new experience for us as not only do we have a new doctor but a new hospital, surgeon & pediatrician as well. Boo Bear, Elvis & Bug-a-Boo were all born in the same hospital with the same midwife & pediatrician. That's over 11 years with the same people & place. It feels strange not to have the familiar surround us as we go in for this huge event. As I mentioned above, we feel more relaxed now after seeing things for ourselves. And to top it off I found out all new moms get a free 15-minute professional massage during their visit. How sweet is that?


Ekelund Fam said...

SWEET! I am moving near you. I have never gotten a professional massage, but I bet it will be awesome! Gettin' excited!

Elvis is sooo precious. How adorable! I love how little minds work.

Kristine said...

When I first started reading your email & you said you were moving I got all excited thinking you were serious. Lol! Aren't I a sucker? Lol. I haven't ever had a masssage either but I'm really looking forward to it. I loved Elvis' comment too. He was so concerned!

MOMMY said...

Sounds like a great place! We had the same doctor and hospital for all four kiddos too and I would be nervous too-sounds like you have a great doctor and facility though so that is great! How nice that hte kids got to go too! How long will you be in the hospital after your Little One is born?