Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Poor Baby

My poor baby has her first cold. Princess is congested & sleeping a lot. I know the sleep is good for her but I find myself checking on her often to make sure she is breathing. Isn't it odd how even with this being my fifth child that there are some things I am just as paranoid about as I was with my first? It all boils down to being a Mama Bear, I guess. Always in protective mode & making sure everything is okay. I took Princess' temperature this evening and it was still below the worry mark. I was quite relieved when the numbers came up on the thermometer. And very thankful for the new thermometer given to us by WIC. I wrote everything down in case I need to tell the doctor later. The mush my mind is lately I'm afraid I will forget everything. If you think of it please keep Princess in prayer. That she gets over this cold quickly & it does not turn into something else. Also that I don't give her the cold I presently have. She's so very little, not even 2 weeks yet. Thanks, friends!

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