Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fun with Science

Dave was home last week to help out with the kids, our new baby & me. At the end of the week we thought it would be fun for him to do some projects with the kids. He had been teaching them their math & having them keep up with their basic studies. But this stuff was fun! The kids were so excited when they heard they were going to do some science with Daddy.

First they took the book "Mudpies to Magnets" and picked an experiment. This book is fun b/c it is geared towards younger children. The big kids love it as well.

Boo packs potting soil around their can helping to make their volcano.

The kids added some grass to make it look more like a mountain.

They added the ingredients & then the volcano erupted!

It settled down again. Look at that mudslide!

The kids took turns making the volcano erupt. Here it goes again!

This time it really oozed!

To follow up on the bird unit we had been studying earlier the kids made a birdhouse. It was easy as they used a recycled milk jug. After cutting a hole in the side for the birds they lined it with pine needles & grass. We'll let you know if we get any residents.

Another view. Should we hang out a "Vacancy" sign? I'm thinking of painting it with the kids to make it look a little more fun.

I was teasing Dave b/c he took all these pics of the projects but none of the kids faces. He said he thought about that afterward. Next time! Lol!

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