Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Tim, Grannie & Grandpa were here for Easter. Everyone but Princess & I went to church and participated in the special service. Our church held services at a large, local hotel. They were anticipating about 5000 people total and our church won't hold that many. As it is we have 3 services Sunday morning and one Sunday night, all the same sermon etc., to accommodate the 3,000 + members & regular visitors. This doesn't even count the holiday visitors which is why the decision was made to have two services at the hotel. Bugs' Sunday school class was still held at the church during the service so Dave dropped him off there. They even had buses to shuttle people from the church to the hotel. Elvis was thrilled to ride a real school bus! Being homeschooled he has never done this and it was quite the adventure for our son. =)

Later around lunchtime Darin came over to join us for Easter dinner & the afternoon. It was nice to all be together again. It was like old times needing an extra table to fit all of us! I enjoyed having our Easter celebration at our new home. A little after lunch we had our annual Easter Egg Hunt. Dave & the girls had filled up the plastic eggs the night before. They each had a specific color and number of eggs to hunt for. WE have found over time that it is much easier to set it up this way as in the excitement the kids often lose count. So by color it is! They each were able to claim 2 yellow eggs as well. Each of those held $1 in change. This year we only lost one egg, one of Boo's. Everyone looked high & low but we still couldn't find it. It made it even harder as it was a yellowish greenish colored egg which fit right into the landscape. Still to this day it remains MIA. How is it every year we lose at least one? Like socks in the dryer I guess. Lol. Daddy gave her an extra candy to make up for the loss.

Princess all dressed up for her first Easter Sunday!

The Easter baskets await.
Usually we don't put toys inside, only a small stuffed animal & candy, but I still had some clearance & black Friday toys left over so the kids got lucky this year!

A Giant Chocolate Bunny!

A Barbie for a Very Happy Girl

Candy is always popular at our house.

Sweet Pea received a new journal, candy, a Beanie Baby & $ for the hair straightener she's been wanting.

Bugs was cute holding up every treasure from his Easter basket & saying, "Cheeeese!" Of course I took photos. Lol.

His Bob the Builder mini-set. (Love Target clearance!)

A new pal.

Princess received a cute dinosaur from Grannie & little Beanie Baby pig from Mommy & Daddy.

Boo did this. I thought it was very cute!

Uncle Darin & Princess

Very sweet.

The Hunt Begins!

On your mark.....get set.......GO!

Her finds so far.

Bugs was lots of fun this year & very excited! He really got into it!

Searching high & low

On the move!

Where's that egg?

Still doesn't see it..........

Ah HA!

Proudly showing off his yellow egg!

Pausing for a photo.


There it is up on the shed!

Another one on the other side.

Her basket is almost full!

Looking for that one, lost egg.

Time to break out the candy!

Pretty Boo Bear

Love to see that smile!

Mr. Sweet Tooth

Uncle Darin
We paused for a few pics before Uncle Darin had to leave.

Now Some Silly Shots

Aren't they silly?

Love that Uncle D!

Lots of Hugs

More Hugs!

Much to Darin's amusement Elvis makes a last ditch effort to stop him from leaving.

Bye, Uncle D!

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Megan said...

What awesome memories. The hunt looks like so much fun. :)