Friday, April 3, 2009

Kitty Dress Up

Yes, we love our kittens. And yes, we have a silly sense of humor. Lol! Recently when sorting through baby clothes I decided to have a little fun. A couple of the kittens were lounging on my bed and I suggested to Sweet Pea that we dress them up a bit. She giggled and joined right in. Sassy was our first baby doll. She wasn't too happy with the situation and tried to get away. We were able to get a few pics before she made her escape. Next was Romeo aka Pixie. This cat is the most patient cat I have ever met in my life. He will take just about anything patiently waiting until it is over to mosey on to his next adventure.......or nap. He was a hoot letting us pose him and take many snapshots.

"Baby Doll Sassy"

Isn't she sweet?

Love the bows & the tail here.

A Relaxed "Baby" Romeo

Yes, he is a boy. And yes, we put him in a dress. =)

Love the expression....

Such a patient kitty allowing us to have our fun. Lol!

Next was a bonnet........

Okay, playtime is over. We decided he was such a good sport we'd let him be a real kitty again. Hee, hee.

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