Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Couple of Things

I got this shirt for Elvis from Old Navy on last year's clearance. It now fits him. I think not only does the size fit him perfectly but the statement does too. I can NOT see this child sitting in a classroom all day long! LOL!

Being a lefty this was a torture device for me too growing up!

Cool Idea
Sweet Pea came up with the idea to decorate her own notebooks. She made this one for her brother using his current favorite - Transformers. Elvis is over the moon for his new notebook. It goes everywhere with him!
(By the way it's frugal too as she used a 5 cent notebook from Walmart, FREE glue from Staples & papers we already had in the house. Neat, eh?)

1 comment:

MOMMY said...

Cute idea with the notebook! N would LOVE that as Transformers are his favorite things!!!