Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Travel Day!

I wanted to tell all of you about our Travel Day. We had such a great time. Boo has asked if we can have an all Amish day at home soon. I think we might try that very soon. It sounds like fun & I am happy she suggested it.
We had 4 families attend on Monday. With us that made 5 families! Our numbers came to 18 children & 5 moms. I was very happy. We had an age range of 1year to 16 years. Also very neat. I love to watch all the kids joining in no matter what their age. Due to swimming lessons that afternoon we ran out of time for the candle making. The books & articles I had read said it would only take 1/2 an hour but the kit said more like 2 hours. We decided we would schedule a candle day soon at Nancy's house.

We began our time by reading this book together. I absolutely love the illustrations.

Next it was hands-on time! The children had many choices and jumped in.

Making a quilt pattern.

Busy beavers!

Two Beauties
She is very proud of her quilt pattern.

Cooks in the Kitchen

Yummy Whoopie Pie!

He was happy with his seeds.

Making Shoo-Fly Pie
It was neat to see them all working together.

Beating the Eggs

Didn't they do a great job?

Pattern by Wendy

Nancy Tells A Story

On the Move
The little kids were constantly on the move hunting for cats. Here they are coming up the stairs again as Nancy gets caught in the middle.

Margie's Turn!

Round #2
The kids went back and planted more seeds. I had 25 packs and in less than 2 hours they were all gone. *grin* They were a big hit!

Boo & Her New Buddy

Activity Time!

Sweet Pea Makes a Quilt Pattern

Shoo-Fly Pie
The kids made this all by themselves. I was very proud of them!

Taking a Taste
It was a big hit in our home!

After lunch at home with Wendy and her children, (Thank you for staying, Wendy. We had fun!), it was off to swimming lessons. I didn't get as many photos this time b/c I was too busy chatting with Michelle. *big grin* It was great to have that chat time.

Sweet Pea & Bug-a-Boo

After swimming the kids wanted to do our Amish activities some more. Bugs found the rolling pin. Hee, hee!

True or False?

If anyone needs the answers let me know!

Quilt Patterns with E-boy

Bugs loved planting seeds!

In goes the seed!

Digging the dirt was his favorite part.

More dirt, please!

Coloring Pages ~ We had several!

Working Together

Very Pleased!

I was pleased with how much they enjoyed all the activities.

Sweet Pea hadn't had a chance to plant any seeds since she had been in the cooking group. We found a missed pack of radish seeds and a couple pumpkin seeds for her & Bugs to plant.

Sweet Pea with her seeds.

The Aftermath

Daddy's Home
The children were eager to tell Daddy about their day and show him all they had done. He was impressed with the Shoo-Fly Pie and enjoyed it immensely. I think we will be making that again very soon. Thank you again to everyone that came and helped to make the morning such fun! Thank you also to all that prayed for us.

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