Thursday, November 1, 2007


I can't believe a week has gone by since I last posted. But it's true. Life is running away with me. We have had appointments after appointments, commitments, activities..........

Last week and the week before we had doctor's appointments for all the kids. We had scheduled them a couple of months ago. I'm very thankful we did since Dave's insurance will end in less than 2 months. We didn't know that at the time they were scheduled. They were their regular annual visit. Some a bit late but that was okay. All the kids did well and came out with clean bills of health. I just love our pediatrician. She really listens to me and to the kids as well. And she always ends the visits with telling us how good it was to see us again and how she likes seeing us. Awwww..............

This week I took Sweet Pea to see the nutritionist and Bugsy to his first ever dental appointment. I was pleased with both. For S.P's visit we met with the nurse and she explained the program, asked many questions and talked. Next week we go again and see the nutritionist. S.P. is keeping a food journal this week. This program is aimed to teach her how to make healthy choices. It is NOT a diet program. I am very pleased b/c I do not like those kinds of programs. I've worked very hard to build my children's self-esteem. Not so that they have big heads but so that they are happy and proud of who they are. Special, one-of-a-kind, made by God. I love this approach of not focusing on the scale or looking like everyone else, or even needing to fit into a certain sized pair of jeans. I'm excited to see what lies ahead and am looking forward to next week's visit. Better yet, Sweet Pea is looking forward to it!

With Bugs I was a little worried. He doesn't like getting his teeth brushed most of the time and prefers to be a "big boy" doing it himself. Dr. Lisa was beyond wonderful. She talked to him on his level establishing a trust first. She knew just what to say, how to approach him and how much to expect from him. I ended up with him in my lap sitting in the dental chair. At first I felt a bit foolish as the chair was a little smaller and Sponge Bob was playing over my head. Lol. But then I realized that this was the perfect set-up. Bugs was much more comfortable in his mama's arms. He was super cute afterwards too thanking everyone in sight. Lol. Soon it will be E-boy's turn to go in. He has never been either. I'm not worried about him though.

There seems to be so many things to fit into our schedule before the end of the year. Wow. We are making lots of phone calls in addition to the appointments trying to prepare as much as possible. We have so much going on in our "regular" life and now all this is being added in. Wow!

Dave has sent his resume out to many people and places. We are waiting on the Lord to show us where He wants Dave to be. It's scary and exciting all at once. Thank you all for your prayers, your help and your encouragement. We are blessed to have such an amazing group of family & friends!

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