Thursday, October 25, 2007

Neat Opportunity

For 3 Mondays in October a fellow homeschooler and friend offered to teach our group's children about horse care. My girls LOVE horses and we jumped right on this neat opportunity. The girls learned a lot. The boys were kind of restless and to entertain them I took them on a walk around the horse farm. The horses were beautiful and very friendly. It was a nice time for all.

Tony the Pony
Sweet Pea gets a chance to lead Tony around.

Boo take a turn brushing Tony. The girls really enjoyed the hands on learning.
(Boo is the one with the pony tail, turtleneck & jeans.)

While the girls were up at the main barn learning E-boy, Bugs & I took a walk to visit the horses.

Gentle Giant
This horse was extremely friendly & gentle.

Looking On
Normally I would have let Bugs run around but he had not had a nap & was very tired.

New Friends

Pretty Cool!
This water trough was neat. I've never seen one like it before. The water continuously swirls around keeping it fresh. What a great idea!

E-boy practices his reading by sounding out the words on the sign.

Picture Postcard
A photo taken as we walked down the lane.

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Alison said...

Great pics.. it was a great time!!