Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fun in Florida

FINALLY! My trip to Florida! I can't tell you how much fun this trip was. We were treated like queens and spoiled rotten. Tawdra, thank you so much for EVERYTHING. It was the perfect trip - relaxing, fun, lots of laughter, treats & trips and most of all being with dear friends.

The plane ride was fun. I hadn't been on a plane since 2005 and before that it had been at least 10 years. I still don't have the new security thing down pat but I did okay considering. Here are some shots I took on the ride down.

The clouds were absolutely breathtaking. At some points they were so thick it looked as if you could climb out and walk on them.

Look Out Florida!

After Tawdra picked me up at the airport we met Devyn & Tammy at a local restaurant. Here we are united once more!

David with the monkey & outfit (for the monkey) that the kids sent for him. The grin on his face was precious.

Sweet kitties

Tammy enjoying her Mudslide.

Can you believe both Tammy & I had never been? What a treat!

Ferry Ride
We took the ferry over. Here are David & Ian enjoying the view.

One of the Resorts


Here we are! Hooray!

We're going to see the pirates! Tammy was super excited. She LOVES those movies! Here are pics from the boat ride.


The Country Bears!
I simply HAD to take a pic of the moose for Dave.

The Haunted Mansion

Couldn't Resist

While waking to our next destination we saw this beautiful bird. And yes it's real!


Inside the Castle
Tammy searching for her picture on the wall. After all she IS a princess. *grin*

The inside was beautiful with these mosaics on the walls. The only disappointment was that I thought there would be more to touring the castle. But it was neat to finally visit inside! I've always wanted to see Cinderella's castle!

It's HUGE!

Best Friends
All that's missing is our tiaras!

Chicken Little!
Not just anyone can say they've hugged a giant chicken. Lol

Next Stop..........Lunch!
We stopped to eat lunch at Tony's Cafe. Tawdra had called ahead and made reservations. It was nice, bright, and cool.

This movie holds special memories for Dave & I. I loved these sun catchers.

As we were finishing lunch the parade came by. I am a BIG fan of parades and rushed outside to watch & take pictures.

Peter Pan & Wendy

Cinderella, the Prince & her Fairy Godmother.

Beautiful Belle

Belle & the Beast

Ariel & Prince Eric

Miceky Mouse & Gang

Group PHoto!
L to R
David, Ian, Me, Devyn, Tammy, Tawdra, Clint

Entering a new world........

Buzz challenges us to an adventure!

Go, Tawdra, Go!
This ride was FUN!

Laser the bad guy!

Yes Sir!

Hello, Friends

Tammy & Clint

A Classic Ride

Heading to the Polynesian on the Monorail

I saw this and immediately thought of my E-boy.

Tawdra enjoys her Island Sunset.


Tammy indulges a little. Lol!

The next day we went to the beach. It was gorgeous.

It was beautiful at the Gulf. We saw some dolphins playing in the wake of a boat, jellyfish big & small, tons of little fish, lots of sea birds and pelicans. I had forgotten how big and solid pelicans are. The sea birds were fun to watch. They would spot a fish and literally fall out of the air and nose dive into the water. They weren't afraid of the people in the water at all. At one point they were diving all arond a group of people. The people were screaming and laughing as they didn't know where the birds would nose dive next! Lol.

I took this pic for my Dad. This place was called "Crabby Bill's". Catchy! Lol!

Palm Trees
I took these pics at the request of Sweet Pea.

Chef Clint!
When we arrived home we were gretted by the most delicious smells! Clint was cooking us a gourmet meal.

Kitty Time!
Calypso poses to show who is king. Lol!

A very excited Tammy!

Dinner (top)
Oh my goodness it was amazing!!!!!!!!

Isn't this cute? Tammy gave this to Tawdra. (last)

What could be more perfect.....
than a lounge in the hot tub after dinner?

Our Last Day
I took pictures of my room. You can see how pampered I was!

The last one is a view from the windows in my room. Isn't that a neat enclosure over the pool?

At the Airport
We had a little more fun before I had to leave.

It was fun posoing for the pics & spending some last minutes together.

Flying Home
Back on the plane again I took some pictures for my kids. They have never been on an airplane before.

The flight home was clear and I was able to get some neat pictures.

Proof! See? Right where I left it, ladies. *grin*

My Mom kept the kids overnight at her house b/c we didn't get home until after midnight. I picked them up the next morning and then we came home & I gave the their surprises from Florida. Or as E-boy calls them "per-prises".

That's what Bugs calls lolipops. First I passed out some Mickey Mouse lolipops I bought for them. They were a big hit!

E-boy's special gift was a Buzz Lightyear lazer. He's been going strong protecting us all ever since. Lol.

A necklace was Boo's special gift.

Being Silly
Boo entertains Bugs as he holds onto his pop & new Mickey Mouse cup.

Sweet Pea loves her new Tinkerbell earrings.

Clowing Around
E-boy poses & clowns around with his new laser.

Bugs with his new cup.

Ahoy Mateys!
Bugs also received a pirate telescope.

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