Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Raining! It's Pouring!

Indoors, that is. Wednesday after arriving home from Bible study & errands I was finally settling into enjoying a yummy lunch - a sub from Subway. E-boy was curled up in my bed getting ready for a nap. He had gone into the bathroom right before coming into my room which was part of the normal routine. Sweet Pea came up a few minutes later chattering away. This is also the normal routine. *grin* On her way back downstairs something caught her attention and she glanced into the upstairs bathroom to discover that the floor was covered with water! The sink was on full blast & the stopper in the sink was in. I asked her to start cleaning up and intended on helping her in a couple of minutes. Well, here is where the day went downhill in a hurry. I then heard Boo yelling downstairs. She's yelling something about pee. I asked Sweet Pea what she was saying & she listened as Boo came to the bottom of the stairs and they laughed & laughed. I still couldn't figure out what Boo was saying. Sweet Pea then said, "She said it's peeing all over the table! All over their lunch!" Still I was confused. I thought maybe they were referring to Bugs & the way he takes off his diaper all the time? But that didn't make sense. Finally it clicked! She was saying that the ceiling was peeing all over the table!!!!!!! I couldn't believe they were both standing there laughing about it! I started barking out orders as I ran downstairs! Water was literally pouring out of a small hole in the ceiling!!!!! I got a bucket to catch the water and towels to soak up the mess. My biggest worry was that the light fixture was filling up with water!!!!!!!!! I called Dave at work and told him he needed to come home. He didn't argue and told me he'd be there right away. He arrived home about 3pm. We got everything cleaned up and by that time i was exhausted. (I only slept a few hours the night b/f too.) Dave sent me upstairs for a nap. I called my Dad before that as he has worked with electricity and got some tips of what to do to make sure the fixture was safe. What an afternoon!

And yes, E-boy was disciplined. It really hit home with him when we explained that this whole mess could have started a fire and the losses that could have occurred. Praise God He kept us all safe. The only damage is to the drywall which we will be replacing very soon.

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Amy said...


I am so glad that there was not too much damage and that you all stayed safe!! I told the kids all about it and showed them the pictures in hopes that this will never happen here. C is famous for leaving the sink on!