Friday, November 9, 2007

New Friends

After Boo's soccer game the girls went with Uncle D to my parents' house and Dave, the boys & I went home for a quick nap. We met up around supper time again at the parent's house. E-boy was quite the host serving up a tea party for his new little friends. We later had a bonfire outside but it was windy and that drove me and the little ones inside after awhile. We left quite late and it was a good night.

Boo & Tim play video games while Blu looks on.

Dinner Time!

Tea Time
E-boy pours tea aka apple juice for his guest & new friend.

Lovin It
Jen's son thoroughly enjoyed their tea party.

Having Fun
Bugs & Jen's daughter join the party.

It was neat to watch how almost instantly the children became fast friends.

Poor Bugs
After the bonfire he conked out exhausted by his big day.

Cuddle Time
The twins & I came inside, cuddled on the couch & watched a movie together. These little ones are such cuties.

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