Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Way to Go!

E-boy has hit a new level in his reading skills. He is now sounding out words by himself with little to no help from me. I am thrilled! He is very proud of himself as he should be!

One of his new favorites are the Bob books. I love these because unlike many readers that say they are for beginner readers these truly are. I was amazed when he sailed through 4 books during reading time! All our hard work is paying off. He is enjoying his success & it is such a joy to watch his eyes light up as he reads all by himself. In addition to reading he is spending a lot of his spare time sounding out and writing words. It is such a joy to watch him have this love & excitement for learning!

Oh, and something cute to add, while E-boy was sounding out the words & reading Bugs climbed right up in my lap and insisted upon "reading" too. He parroted everything E-boy read. Even when he got down to play he wanted to take one of the Bob books with him. He loves doing everything that his big brother does. Hey, maybe we'll have an early reader on our hands in a year or two. Lol!

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