Tuesday, November 13, 2007

End of the Season

A couple of Saturdays ago Boo had her last soccer game of the season. When we got up it was raining & we weren't sure what would happen. In the past others coaches have canceled but we knew Coach Todd was known to say, "Soccer is meant to be played in the rain". I for one wanted to still go. It is such a letdown for the kids when they've waited for this special day all season only to have it not happen. See, they get a little treat, their medals and to see their friends one last time. I was thankful when Coach Todd called and said to still come. We met outside underneath a picnic overhang by the field. The kids hung out together, had their team picture taken, were handed their medals & treats and Coach said some very nice things about each child. It was decided that the kids wouldn't play because not only was it raining but it was absolutely pouring and the field was flooded. Though it would have been fun to play if it had only been raining (not pouring & flooded) that was okay because the kids still got to meet up and have their time together. They had a great season. Boo is already looking forward to next season!

While the kids waited for everyone to arrive they "treasure hunted" on the ground under the overhang. Boo found a checker and some pretty beads.

Team Picture

Boo receiving her medal & goodie bag from Coach.

Boo hanging out with her friends.

Boo with Coach Todd.

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