Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Party Time!

Boo's birthday was a great day. She ended up choosing to skip soccer practice & have more time at home. She had her favorite meal, (a birthday tradition), chocolate cake & ice cream and lots of presents. My favorite part was when she said grace and said, "Thank you, God for the best family I could ever ask for". Wow.

Boo wanted to open a small present before Daddy came home. She was happy with her new light-up Ariel pen.

Her special birthday meal! The restaurant gave her the special straws & umbrella when they found out it was her birthday.


What a ham!

Look at those eyes!

He's doing the Mere Cat dance! LOL!


She's been wishing for this all year!

Happy Dance!
A Hannah Montana poster! Wow!

Bugs tucks in Boo's new baby.


A Sweet Moment

New Babies for Boo

Taking the Oath

Tackling Sister. Lol.

Bugs' Turn!
Somehow 2 of Bugs' presents were misplaced so Bugs got to open presents too!

E-boy loves a party!

Oh my goodness!
This was so funny! Dave turned E-boy around & just as he did E tooted. Right in Daddy's face! We all laughed SO HARD!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, dear Boo Bear!
Happy birthday to YOU!

Almost forgot!

Her present from Grandma & Grandpa! Yay!

She LOVES it!


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Amy said...

What a happy birthday!!!!! Looks like lots and lots of fun, I am longing for Chinese food now! LOL

I think that she and C will get along well, they seem to like all of the same things. I have to ask-WHERE did you find the watches??? C would just melt for that set.