Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bug-a-Boo's Birthday ~ Part 1

As you probably know by now Friday was Bugs' birthday. I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast. He is talking constantly now saying new words all the time. It is such a thrill to hear him name different things all around him & people too. The other night he went around the table naming all of us. We didn't tell him to, he only wanted to I guess. He is also parroting us. Cracks me up! He has such a cute, little voice too.

On Friday Dave came home a bit early. We took some time for naps since most of us are once again struggling with colds & coughs. Then in a spur of the moment idea I suggested to Dave that we whisk the kids over to the park. First we stopped at the Dollar Store b/c I simply had to get my little Bug-a-Boo a special birthday balloon. We got to the park and had a blast. We ran around with the kiddos and laughed & played. We all played until it got so dark we could hardly see a couple of feet in front of us. Lol! Dave kept saying what a great idea it was. We then stopped in at BK for take-out & then to the grocery store for an ice cream cake & a few things for Bug's b-day party Sat. night. Once we got home we had dinner & then did presents while we waited for the cake to thaw a bit. We all really enjoyed watching Bugs with his new presents. The other kids were great. They were only happy & excited for their brother. There was no jealousy whatsoever. E-boy especially makes me smile. He loves a good birthday and that's that! Hee, hee. He doesn't care if he is the birthday boy or not he is only happy to be there to celebrate. Lol! It also warms my heart to watch the children give gifts to each other. They have either bought or made them on their own. Often they are always rushing off to their room to find just one more present to give their sibling. It is often one of their own treasures that they choose to give away. They get caught up in the joy of giving & I love that!

Balloon Time!
Bugs & his special birthday balloon.

Fun at the Park!
Bugs loves, loves, LOVES the slides!

There he goes!

Here he is on yet another slide. Lol!

Big Boy
He amazes me on how well he walks the jiggly, swinging bridge.

Boo loves this thing. No fear.

First there was one.......
.E-boy on the see saw...but he wasn't alone for long!

Yes, we are nuts.

More See Saw Fun!
This was hilarious!

Burger Time!
Poor Bugs. We waited & waited & waited. So much for "fast food". Ha, ha.

Normally I NEVER allow my children to do such things but E-boy scrambled up there quicker than a squirrel. I commanded him to get down but then couldn't resist a quick picture. Bad Mommy.

Monkey See, Monkey Do
Of course Bugs had to do what big brother did. The soda was arranged like a throne with steps leading up. Don't worry this was a one time event.

Dinner Time!
Bugs couldn't wait & I couldn't blame him as it was way past supper time.

Our Little Prince

Saying Grace
I love this picture.

That Hits the Spot!
Burger, onion rings & chocolate milk. What could be better?

Present time! Present Time! Open a present, see what's inside!

Can you believe it?
I was incredibly blessed to find more than half of Bugs' gifts at tag sales this spring & summer! What fabulous buys & all of his favorites too!

The rest of his birthday pics are on another memory card.
They will be coming soon!

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