Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Apple Time!

APPLE TIME! Every year we go to a nearby orchard and pick apples. It's lovely to get outdoors in the fall weather & spend some time together. Later on we make all sorts of treats with the apples we have picked. This is one of our favorite traditions!

Hay Ride!
We always go on the weekend when there is a tractor pulled hay ride to take us out to the orchard.

The boys enjoyed waving at the others as we passed by.

Posing in the Orchard

Christmas Card?
I love these pics so much I'm thinking of maybe using one for our Christmas card this year.

My Monkeys ~ LOL!

And He's Off!
Getting a running start towards the apple trees.

Scouting for just the right kind.

Picking Time!

I Spy With My Little Eye.....Something RED!

Who Needs a Ladder?
Daddy does the job just fine!


See, Mommy?

Two Apples are More Fun Than One!

Boo Time!
Boo poses for the camera.

Boo Gets a Turn Picking Apples Up High

E-boy's Turn!
He made us chuckle as he gathered as many as his arms could hold. He was determined to get every apple within reach!

Silly Sisters
Maybe Boo shouldn't have worn red? Hee, hee.

Mommy's Turn!
I love this tradition. It's so "back to basics", ya know?

Hee, hee!
You know me.....always joking around! Lol!

Got it!
I finally captured Bugs' "COMING!" face on film. He is such a clown.

Sweet Pea took a nice picture of the rest of us.

Yummy Snack
Bugs' enjoyed munching on apples as we picked.

No Photos Please........
I tried to get a pic with Bugs but he was tired of the paparazzi. *grin*
After gathering a bushel of apples to take home we stopped at a different orchard to buy some tasty Cider Doughnuts. Another fun tradition!

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