Monday, October 22, 2007

The Celebration Continues!

Bugs had 2 birthday parties. His first one was with us & for the next one Grannie & Uncle Tim joined us. Here are the pictures! I still can't believe my baby is growing up so fast.

Present from Grandma & Grandpa in PA.

How much fun are these? Bugs LOVES them!

Thomas the Tank Engine!

All Set Up & Ready to Party

Birthday Boy & Thomas Fan

New Bud
Normally I don't buy the kids stuffed animals and especially not extra large ones. We have so many in the house as it is! But when I saw Bugs carrying this Care Bear around at the church sale I couldn't resist. He looked so stink'in cute! It cracks me up that it's as big as Bugs.

From Grannie & Grandpa

And some extra people & animals to go with it!

Second Try is the Charm
Sweet Pea finally got Bugs to unwrap her gift. A Rescue Heroes Command Center!

Bugs was very happy with his new Thomas train & tracks.

Waiting for Cake

Who Cares About Cake! I want Thomas! Lol!

Bugs saw the M&M's outlining his cake and he dug right in. At first I thought he was picking off the cookie pieces but nope it was the M&M's. He plucked them off as fast as he could stuffing them into his mouth as fast as his hands could grab them. We were all rolling with laughter! I think he got at least half the cake cleaned off before we slowed him down! LOL!

A Pause
Bugs paused for a moment when Grannie asked him for an M&M. She was teasing him but he was seriously thinking it over.

Grannie was surprised when Bugs gave her a handful of M&M's. What a sweet boy to share his treasure!

Everyone Agrees..........Cake is GOOD!

Caught Ya!
Even though they are growing up they are still little kids at heart. Lol.

The kids enjoyed some playtime before bedtime.
We had a fun evening & it was special to have Grannie & Tim celebrate with us.

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