Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What's New?

These are a little out of order but I'm sure you will understand. Lol. I didn't get pictures taken of Memorial Day weekend with Sweet Pea being sick and me being either all out tired or all out busy. BUT I did get a couple photos of projects that were completed that weekend. Here they are!

This is the bookshelf Dave made. I am thrilled at how he used that little bit of space to hold so many books! I have one shelf for science, one for history, one for treasures, one for my Christian fiction and then one for extra videos.

This is a 'Before' shot. Yep, out of order.

And this is the back porch after we set it up for the children. There is still a place to sit for the adults and we brought the kitchen up from the basement and added the little desk given to us and the basket of toys from the living room. Perfect! The children have played there everyday since.

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