Friday, June 29, 2007

Children's Day

Last Sunday was Children's Day at our church. To celebrate our Puppet Team gave a performance. The first part was a cute little skit. There were no words to the skit, only music. First this happy music plays. A little lightbulb puppet comes out dancing around. He gets a hold of his electric cord and is looking all over for a place to plug it in. After a bit a big spotlight comes along and shines on him. He sees the electric power outlet and plugs himself into that. Now the lightbulb lights up with the light of the lamp (aka The Son). He's all happy. All of the sudden dramatic music starts. Someone has come to lead the Lightbulb (LB) astray. He beckons with his red hand and flashing lights. The Lightbulb follows in a trance-like state. The evil one unplugs the Lightbulb and he goes dark. He then gives LB a giant, heavy battery to lug around. It lights LB up but weighs him down. He carries this burden around. Suddenly he notices the light again. He plugs himself back into the light and lays his burden down at the cross. He is free! **It was an amazing little skit.

After that skit the puppets all performed a song about racing to Heaven. It was very jazzy and cute. Sweet Pea operated the girl puppet.

The whole performance was very well done. I was so proud!

Happy little guy!

The Light shines on him showing him The Way.

Uh oh! TROUBLE is beckoning.

Oh no! He is following the evil one! Don't do it little Light Bulb!

The burden.
Notice the evil one disappears leaving poo LB all alone?

Plugging in to the cross.

Racing to Heaven song!

It was a catchy song!
Sweet Pea is operating the green car & girl puppet.
I tried to get more pics but the puppets kept moving. Clouds popped up and down as well as other props. The puppets also "drove" down from the top to the bottom. Silly puppets. Didn't they see I was trying to take photos? Did they think they were in a show or something?

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