Friday, June 22, 2007


Yesterday we went to the lake. It's only a 10 minute drive at the most so it's a perfect destination. We were to meet our homeschool group there but many could not make it. We decided to go ourselves. One friend did come with her little girl and my friend Terry came as well with all her children. We were so happy to have company! We would have been okay on our own but it was FAR more fun with friends to play & chat with. Thanks Terry & Christine!

Boo happily digging in the sand.

E-boy decided his job was to move this big rock all over the beach.

Those swimming lessons paid off! He has no fear of the water this year. Yay!

E-boy is STILL pushing that rock while Boo playes in the sand.

Isn't it GORGEOUS?

Sweet Pea watches Bugs so Mama can take a few pictures.

Our friends arrived!
Here are Boo & Michaela playing in the water.

And playing in the sand..............

.....then back in the water again!

Here is the bunch playing together. And Nemo too!

Bugs wanted to be with Sissy every minute yesterday. Too cute!

This caught my eye & thought it would make a neat picture.

Bugs loves animals. This puppy was very patient with him too.

Fast friends.
It was a wonderful morning. We all had fun, got out of the house and Bugs took a 2-hour nap after all that fresh air and exercise! Maybe we should go more often! LOL!

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