Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Grown Up Girl

A couple of months ago we had given Sweet Pea a gift certificate to get her ears pierced. This was to be her super special birthday present. She had decided that she was ready and for this grown-up birthday this is what she wanted to do. Unfortunately it took us until June to be able to make it happen. She had wanted to invite 2 of her best friends to go with her but their schedules never complied. Then we were away for a bit. So finally, I said we were setting the date and whoever could go would come with us. Her friend Darien was able to go and Sweet Pea was thrilled. They chatted like two little magpies all day. Goodness! Lol! Boo came with us too. We first went to McDonald's and then to the mall. After the BIG EVENT we shopped for a bit before exhausted Mama (me!) begged to go home. Hee, hee. Yep, my age is showing. The girls had a wonderful afternoon & evening shopping, chatting, running outside in the sprinkler, eating lots of pizza, and just being girls.

Here is Sweet Pea right before the Big Event.

I missed getting a picture of Ear #1 but here she is bracing for Ear #2.
Darien held her hand for courage.

Here goes Ear #2!

Cleaning the new piercing.

Much happier now that it is all done! Doesn't she look so grown up?

Here are the 3 girls. Boo, Sweet Pea & Darien. What a fun day & special memory!

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