Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Children's Gardens

For Easter the children all received several packets of seeds in their Easter baskets. They have been waiting to plant them ever since. Well, the big day arrived! Daddy dug up some extra garden space and the fun began! We still need to dig some more space for E-boy's garden as he ran out of room before running out of seeds. He reminds us every day that he still has seeds that need in his words, "Soil, water, sun and lots of love!" Lol!

E-boy happily plants his garden.

Daddy & E-boy

Boo plants her flower seeds in the side flower garden.

A very proud Boo Bear!

Sweet Pea plants her vegetable seeds in the new plot.

She is excited to have her own garden!

Dad dropped off some starter plants that he grew. More tomatoes and peppers!

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