Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Boo has been playing soccer again this spring. I finally remembered to bring my camera along! She played an AWESOME game on Saturday. At one point she was on defense and she was burning up the field. She even did a few slide tackles which reminded me of her uncle, my brother, when he played soccer. After one fantastic play a father from the other team remarked, "Boy, that girl is BRAVE!" He was impressed with her defense and 'no fear'. I couldn't help myself, I turned to him and declared proudly, "That's my girl!" Here are a few pictures of Boo. Yep, this is only a few, I have MANY more! LOL!

Going to the goal!

Passing with her teammate.

Go, Boo! Go!

That's my girl!

Awesome defense!

Still going strong!

Hurry Boo!

Close-up action shot!
I forgot to add that she is FAST! She raced a 12-yo boy recently and won! Pretty good, eh? She's a fast little bugger!


Alison said...

Go Emily!!! And my 12 year old was that boy...he refuses to admit he got beat by a girl..rofl..

Kristine said...

LOL! Too funny!