Thursday, June 21, 2007

Over the River & Through the Woods.................. Grandmother's house we go. And this is actually true in our case. Last Thursday we went out to my parent's house to visit for the afternoon & part of the evening. They live up on a mountain and in the woods. The children always love exploring & visiting all their animals. They now have 3 dogs, 1 duck, hermit crabs and a bunch of chickens. Usually there are fish & tadpoles in the pond but they had drained it to clean it out.

Bugs is eager to show us something.

E-boy was quite taken with Grannie's ducks.

Ooops! Hope Grannie's flowers are hardy!

Sisters having fun.

Tromping into the woods.

I was amazed at how Bugs showed no fear with the chickens. He let them peck the leaf right out of his hand without flinching a bit.

Talking to the chickens.

Do you gals want to play?

Where's Waldo?

Playing in the woods.

E-boy cracked me up. He had asked me earlier what the plants were called and I told him they were ferns. As he was playing in them he started pulling them up as fast as he could, turning around and yelling, "Get away from me fern-aces"! He pronounced it as "furnaces". It was so funny.

Dog #1 = Bessie ~ A sweetheart & quite a riot.
Since she is a Corgi she tries to round animals and sometimes even people. The chickens were in their coop but that didn't stop her. She ran round & round & round the coop. Bugs liked the idea of that and before we knew it he had joined her circling the coop over & over again. What a riot! Too bad my batteries died or I would have had a cute video and pictures to share. Oh, and they didn't stop circling until we finally called them away from the coop. Lol!

Dog #2 = Blureguard Blue Kazoo, 'Blue' for short
He is a sweetie but afraid of everything. He is from the rescue center and was taken in when his owner was cited for neglect. He is one of a litter of puppies.There were also tons of animals at the place he was rescued from. I made friends with him because I snuck him bits of ham from my dinner. Shhh...don't tell Mom!

Dog #3 = Kitara
I'm not sure if this is spelled correctly. She is from the pet store. I cut her bangs because the poor thing couldn't see anything. She's a little mop! She's a sweet dog and loves to be a lap dog. E-boy is a little scared of her because she keeps jumping on him constantly. It's pretty amusing to see him running and screaming for help and all that's chasing him is a little mop-dog. Lol!

Wheeee! This is fun, Daddy!

Dinner Time!
He didn't want his own plate. Daddy's looked much better in his opinion. Hee, hee. He made the funniest faces but I couldn't catch them. I did catch the "baby bird" pose here.

New Toy
Playing with her new cell phone, a hand-me-down from Uncle Tim. It has a lot of bells & whistles but we aren't paying for phone service. Yep, I'm a mean mom. She is still enjoying showing all her friends though.


Finally caught him!
(This is my brother, btw.)

That Hits the Spot!
Bugs made up a new drink. Snapple Peach Iced Tea with a car for extra flavor.

I think he wore as much as he drank. Lol! Look at that face! What a cutie-pie!

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