Tuesday, June 5, 2007

School Days

I decided to do a little 'indoor' schoolwork with the children. We read the books
"The Seed" by Kazuko Nakazawa and "How a Seed Grows" by Helene J. Jordan. Afterwards I send the children out to the garden to observe how the garden is growing. They were thrilled to find that many plants are growing all over! Once they arrived back inside we set to work drawing pictures of what they saw. Because E-boy is in pre-school I found a printable on the Enchanted Learning website that showed stages of a seed sprouting and growing into a plant. E-boy colored these and I cut them out. Then he glued them and made a book. He came up with his title all by himself and printed it all by himself too! I helped him spell, of course. Boo Bear had a meltdown and had to finish her drawings later. Sweet Pea loved drawing and wants to continue keeping track of the garden. We also plan to use charts to track the garden's growth.

Oh, and I failed to mention Bugs had a meltdown as well and cried almost the entire time. Whew! Sometimes school days are tough! Lol!

E-boy working on his book.

His favorite part..........glue!

Sweet Pea draws her observations from outdoors.

E-boy proudly shows off his book entitled, "The Best Seed in the World".

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