Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Wonderful Mother's Day

We decided to go to Forest Park for Mother's Day. So we packed a picnic lunch and headed out for a day of laid back fun.
This is Bug-a-Boo feeding Daddy some of his sandwich.

Someone was playing music nearby and the children couldn't resist the beat.
They even found a stage to dance on! Lol!

Mama & 2 of her chicks

Eeek! Wild girls!

Oh no! There they are again! And another wild child has joined the group!

E-boy squares off with an Iguana.

Daddy found his long, lost brother! Baaaaaaa!
This was extremely funny b/c several times the Mr. Goat was up on his hind legs and as tall as Daddy. They were even in height! I tried to get a photo of them head to head but Mr. Goat kept ducking down each time. My belly hurt from laughing so hard! Daddy was so proud to pose with his newly found brother! He even forgave Brother Goat for biting him. Ouch!

Look Mommy, I did it! E-boy gathered his courage and fed the baby goat. This was big b/c the pig had snapped at him when he tried to feed it and nearly bit his finger so E-boy was not too eager to try again. Boy, was he proud when he successfully fed the little goat.

Bugs just loves the goats!

Are YOU my Mother?

These goats were the funniest characters!

Boo makes a new friend.

Sweet-pea on the train ride.

Bugs couldn't get enough of the train. He would not sit in anyone's lap. He declared himself a big boy and insisted on sitting as such.

The conductor offered to take our picture so here we are! Wasn't that sweet of him?

Annual photo by the train.

The day is done. What a great day!

Even the drive home is gorgeous. Spring is here!


Cindy said...

What GREAT pictures!!! It looks like you had a FANTASTIC mothers day! YEAH!
Love, Cindy

Alison said...

Oh hun..looks like you've been having lots of fun!