Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Our Garden

We worked hard in the garden tonight. Dave & I decided that we wanted to expand our vegetable garden this year. With our budget being tight & prices rising on just about everything it seems like a smart move. Plus there is something so rewarding about growing your own vegetables. We are behind schedule in planting the cool weather veggies. Today Dave borrowed the little tiller thing from my Dad and we got to right to work after he arrived home. The rain tried to stop us but we didn't give up! God was good and stopped the showers long enough for us to get the job done. It was hard work but was very satisfying!
In this photo you can see part of where the garden is being extended. See the curve to the right of Dave? We are also lengthening it (in the space towards the camera - not dug up yet) and will make another curve along the new length as well.

(Above photo)
Expanding the Garden
Dave is using the small tiller as the big one is in the shop (both Dad's)
This is great! Better than digging that's for certain!

(Above photo)
Mama vs. Machine
Dave asked me if I wanted to try it out. I figured "Why not"? Boy that thing is powerful!

(Above Photo)

Sweet Pea and Daddy working hard.

(Above Photo)
Digging up all the pungent flowers & weeds.

(Above photo)

Go Daddy!

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