Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Time in the Garden

Still catching up from last week..................

Yes, more time in the garden. This time E-boy wanted to be my helper. I planted about 15-20 tomato plants & E-boy watered them. Later in the evening Dave worked in the garden with me. We planted all the cucumber and zucchini seeds and the rest of the tomato plants. It was hot, dirty work but hopefully we will be rewarded later this summer. We love gardening!

E-boy shows off a fish. He was facinated by them while the girls.....well not quite so much. Lol!

The fish are all cut up and ready to be planted with the tomato plants.

Here is some of our hard work. Believe me there are many, MANY more!

Dave plants some more beans.

These are some of the cucumber and zucchini mounds. The sticks are labeled markers for each.

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