Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lots of Hard Work

I decided to skip the housework and go straight to the garden. It is almost the end of May and we didn't have a thing planted yet! Boo decided she wanted to help me so we worked together. It was nice to have her help & her company. Along the way she shared with me what she had learned about earthworms this past year and what she is presently learning about Native Americans. I was amazed at all she has remembered. Yay, homeschooling! The boys were napping & Sweet Pea was working on her TLP so Boo & I had one-on-one time. Later when Bugs woke up S.Pea came outside with him.

These are the tomato, pepper & cucumber plants we bought last night. There are 3 or 4 kinds of tomatoes, 2 kinds of peppers and one kind of cucumbers.

Bugs & Sweet Pea come out later and pick flowers.

Boo plants beans.

Boo helps Mama weed the spot where we will plant.

Much to Boo's delight she found a worm! Actually we found a bunch of them. Good news!

Boo collects rocks to outline the places Mama has planted.

I kept working & Boo surprised me with a cold glass of water. How nice!

A view of our work. This includes the work I did later in the afternoon too.

Another view of the completed work.

We got a lot done but there is still a lot to go. I spent a total of over 4 hours in the garden today and I am beat. I am EXTREMELY happy with all we accomplished today. Tomorrow is another day and I hope to get more planted then!

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