Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nana Banana's

One of my very favorite people in the whole, wide world in my Nana. She is just the best of the best. I have always loved going to her house and spending time with her. Now I have the privilege of bringing my children up to visit her. She is still going strong and gets a kick out of the children's antics. They love her dearly and that love is returned ten-fold.

Here are some pics. The captions are below the individual pictures.

Getting ready for the trip Bugs is facinated with the baby doll's pacifier.

Still waiting to load up in the van the brothers read a book.

On the Mohawk Trail.

The Mohawk Trail ~ Isn't it beautiful?


I just HAD to stop and take a picture of this view!

The first day at Nana's we went to the thrift store, the post office and the library. I couldn't resist teaching the girls how to use the card catalog.

More of the card catalog.

Nana stirs up some batter for brown bread New England style.

It was rainy but we had to get outside for at least a little while. This is Bugs on the run.

Later he came in to relax and "read" a bit. I love his little toes poking out underneath!

E-boy learned what rhubarb is.

On the run again!

Why won't this open?

Smelling the flowers in Nana's garden.

Snuggle time for Boo & Mama.

Tradition says you must write on Nana's whiteboard before leaving! Underneath what I wrote my cousin Sam wrote, "Nana rocks!" That cracked Nana up.

Nana & Bugs playing and saying good-bye.

Not even 5 minutes out Bugs was fast asleep.

We all enjoyed our visit though we were sad to have to say good-bye. I never like that part. Nana fed us well and I swear we each gained at least 5lbs.! Lol! Nothing like Nana's cooking & baking that's for certain. We hope to get back up to see her this summer. Maybe then it will be warm enough for a trip to the river! (pronounced Riv-ah)

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